NuMetas: The Ultimate Solution to Personal Financial Management [Study]

🔬 Overview

Nubank is a technology company with a youthful and innovative spirit, creating simple, secure, and digital solutions for the financial lives of its customers. The NU way of doing things emerged from a sense of dissatisfaction and has evolved into a force for building fair and transparent products for people.

📋 The Project


The goal of this project is to assist users in setting and achieving their goals through straightforward and effective financial management.

My role

UX/UI Designer

Study time

30 days

🚨 The problem

Through desk research, we discovered that, according to a study by CNDL/SPC, 83% of respondents couldn't achieve some goal, especially saving money (22%). Additionally, another survey by the same organization revealed that 49% of Brazilians have the goal of saving money.

Based on this information, we understand that the need to save money is inherent in Brazilians, but not everyone is able to achieve this. Therefore, we intend to guide our efforts towards finding a solution to this problem.

🔎 Talking to users

Qualitative research

After identifying the solutions we wanted to validate, we conducted quantitative surveys. First, we aimed to understand who the Nubank customers were (178 responses), and then we inquired about their financial challenges (65 responses).

What we learned

Qualitative research

A semi-structured qualitative research was conducted online via video conferencing apps with 7 participants who agreed to help us in another step of the project.

Among the questions, one of great value was: "What kind of organization did the participants have regarding their short, medium, or long-term goals?" This allowed us to understand if they practiced any form of organization, whether money was allocated in specific places or kept in one account, and how this control was done. As a result, 4 of these people showed us that goal organization was still a challenge.

What we learned

👩‍💻 Personas

We started with a proto-persona concept based on our prior knowledge. However, this was later validated with the responses obtained in our quantitative and qualitative research.

Understanding our persona's needs, in this phase, we mapped the main activities and challenges faced by Laura in order to achieve her goal. Through the user journey presented below, we were able to identify the need for improvements and opportunities for the project.

💡 Ideation dynamics

This is where the project goes onto paper and starts taking shape. Using the 4-step sketch, we guided ourselves toward a clear direction in our final proposal.

After starting with freehand drawings, we progressed to the crazy 8's stages, considering different screen flows or distinct solutions, which provided us with a wireframe sketch model. Discussions about the best alternatives were conducted, and the best viable solution, as illustrated below, was conceived.

🧪 Testing the solution

With our prototype in hand, we tested it with 3 users using Marvel and gave them a simple task: create a goal and check the current status of what has been achieved.

The prototype can be acessed by clicking here.

What we learned:

  • The "simulate" and "create goal" buttons were confusing, and users didn't know where to start.

  • Having various settings on the same screen slowed down the configuration flow.

  • Not having a screen to review the configured data made users go back to previous steps to check what they had selected, increasing cognitive load.

✏️ Hypothesis of Solution


Following our sketch and gathering insights from the usability test results, we moved on to the conceptualization of our wireframes and the functionality flow.

For the design of the interfaces, we redesigned the components to create screens in line with the Nubank design system.

📱 Prototype

Below, you can navigate through the prototype of the tool we created.