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sou a Brenda!

Product designer

Passionate about design, business, and technology, I have 11 years of experience in design, focusing on product design for the past 4 years.

Graduated in Advertising and Propaganda, I am currently pursuing an MBA in UX Research, Research Operations, and Design Leadership, always seeking improvement and staying updated on the latest news.

I have extensive knowledge in all stages of the design process, from planning and research to final delivery. I am a collaboration enthusiast and enjoy bringing teams together to solve problems collectively.

Projects 📝

Improvement in the process of issuing invoices

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Facilitating expense tracking in ERPs

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An app that facilitates the financial management of small entrepreneurs

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[Study] NuMetas: The ultimate solution to personal financial management issues

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Skills 🎯

Application of the design process in an agile environment

Interface design at low, medium, and high fidelity, prototypes, and handoff to developers.

Data collection and analysis to drive decision-making in projects

Negotiating and prioritizing projects with stakeholders

Conducting user interviews, quantitative research, and usability testing

Collaboration and co-creation with designers, developers, and stakeholders


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