Z3 Bank App: The Small Business Partner

🔬 Overview

A Z3 Bank was founded by the same founders as ZAZ Vendas. ZAZ is a sales technology company that provides commercial outsourcing services to small businesses. Leveraging their financial expertise in credit for small entrepreneurs, they decided to create Z3, a platform that facilitates access to credit for this audience.

Z3 is a fintech, and its primary products include credit, receivables financing, and efficient cash flow management. To provide small entrepreneurs with access to all these solutions, the Z3 app was developed.

📋 The Project

In partnership with an external team of developers dedicated to serving Z3.



My role

UI Designer

Project duration

60 days

⚙️ The process

ZAZ did not have a structured product team. The work was developed in collaboration with marketing managers, designers, and co-directors. In this process, I worked in the final stages in collaboration with the team for testing and technical validations.

📃 Wireframes
📐 Styleguide
🖌️ High-Fidelity Interface